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Noriko Yakusho (Gaiden) by KusaNin Noriko Yakusho (Gaiden) by KusaNin
Noriko Yakusho (やくしょ ノリコ, Yakusho Noriko), called Nori by her family and friends, is the daughter of Kazō Yakusho and Kasumi Mitou. She has inherited the unique grass release kekkei genkai from her mother.

== Background ==

== Personality ==
As Noriko is still young, her personality is that of child-like innocence. She gets excited easily, and often shows amazement at the new things she sees and learns. Although she may be shy around new people at first, she warms up to them quickly. This eager and cheerful demeanor contrasts greatly with her older brother Shinji. Ever since before she could walk, Nori has had Kazō wrapped around her finger. Over time, she seems to become aware of this, and goes to him whenever she wants something. He is rarely able to refuse her, much to the annoyance of Kasumi.

== Appearance ==
Noriko is a young child with brown hair and amber colored eyes like her father. She has three bangs that frame her face, just like her mother. Her attire consists of a black qipao, red pants, and black sandals. Over the shirt, she wears a tan jacket with red trim and her clan symbol on the back.

== Abilities ==
(for future, as she is currently only three years old)

=== Kekkei Genkai ===
Noriko uses Grass Release just like her mother and brother. Grass release ninjutsu enables the wielder to create and control various aspects of vegetation. This means that, even though many ninja might acquire the skill, not many will share similar jutsu.

Noriko utilizes moss with her kekkei genkai. She can create a cushioned surface or a defensive wall. Noriko can also use these techniques near water to absorb it for other techniques.

As of yet, Nori cannot use her clan's Vine Strangle Technique This technique is used by her mother and brother, making it a sort of "coming of age" technique for their family.

== Quotes ==
(To Kazō) "Papa, look what I found!"'

(Trying to get Shinji's attention) "Big brother?... Big brother~?... Hey! Big brother!?..."

(To Kazō) "Papa, big brother's being mean. I kept calling him, but he won't answer me. Make him stop it, papa."

== References ==
Image used a picture of Himawari as a guide.
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